eBay is the world’s largest marketplace for new and used goods. Because millions of shoppers visit eBay every day, the odds are that someone is searching for the item(s) that you have to sell. This translates to higher sale prices and quicker turnaround for your items. Selling on eBay through NWBizz.com is also a safe process. At NWBizz.com we will not ship your goods to the highest bidder until payment in full has been received and verified. NWBizz.com takes full responsibility for item listings, meaning that we handle any complaints or returns form buyers. This makes it Easy and Safe for you!

Unlike selling your items in a garage sale or a consignment store, you’ll be reaching an audience size unmatched by any other market venue. And in most cases someone will be looking specifically for your item using key search words that we write to attract such buyers. This increases the chances that your item will be sold and you’ll have extra cash to spend.

With the popular auction format, eBay allows unlimited bidding on your item within a given time span, typically seven days. Whoever bids the highest price wins the auction and must purchase your item. These ‘bidding wars’ lead to the probability that we’ll sell your item at the most profitable price. Instead of people haggling the price down, you’ll benefit from bidders running the price up!


"I almost threw out my model airplane.  NWBizz was able to sell it for $105.00 on eBay! - Shoshana, Corvallis, Or

"I had a Nokia PDA just sitting around and turned it into $195.  Thanks NWBizz" - Michael, Corvallis, Or

"I know nothing about computers.  Having NWBizz help me put my BlueRay DVD's on eBay was so much help."  Jill, Corvallis, Or

"Wow, that was easy.  Thanks.  I'll be coming back with more stuff"  Rachel, Corvallis, Or

"Forget hagglers at garage sales.  And sorry Goodwill, I'm bringing my stuff to NWBizz"  Sean, Corvallis, Or