Got some stuff just lying around? Chances are someone on eBay is looking for it!  Let us turn it into cash so you can enjoy some new found buying power.  Just dust it off and give us a call.  This is just a list of some of the popular items, but rare and unusual items may fetch more.
Audio and Video
Audio Components, Car Audio & Video, Home Theater Systems, Portable DVD Players, Portable MP3 Players/Recorders, Satellite TV Receivers
Antiques and Collectibles
China/Porcelain Collectibles & Plates, Clocks, Coin-Operated Banks (Mechanical), Collectible Cars & Trucks, Crystal/Glassware,
Fountain Pens, Pocket Watches, Sextants, Steiff Bears & Animals
Cell & GSM Phones, CB Radios, GPS Units, Ham Radio, PDAs/Handheld PCs, Scanners, Shortwave Radio, Video Surveillance Equipment
Vintage Box Collection, Popular DVD Collections, Blue-Ray DVD Bundles, DVD Lots, Vintage Vinyl Records
Designer Clothing
Accessories, Purses & Leather Goods, Shoes, Signed Jewelry, Watches
8mm, Hi8, VHS, S-VHS Camcorders, Digital Camcorders (all digital formats), 35mm Rangefinder, 35mm SLR, Camera Lenses, Digital point-and-shoot, Digital SLR, Large-Format Cameras, Medium-Format Cameras, Vintage Cameras
Video Game Systems and Games
Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Game Cube, Sony PS2, Sega, Vintage Atari Systems, Game Bundles
Hobbies and Sports
Model Airplanes and Cars, Binoculars & Telescopes, Golf Clubs, Microscopes, Oscilloscopes & Signal Generators, Vintage Model Railroad Equipment, Vintage Sewing Machines
Desktop Computers, Flat-Panel Monitors, Laptop Computers, LCD & DLP Projects, Print Servers By HP, Servers & Workstations, Storage Equipmet, Switches, Telecom Equipment, Wired Routers

Nokia N810 Personal Media Player
Monogram B-24J Liberator Model Airplane Kit
Monogram Heinkel He 111 German Bomber Model Airplan
Blu-Ray Disc Set: Night At The Musuem, Invincible, 50 First Dates

You may find items of value at your local garage sales or thrift stores.  Why not turn your weekend hobby into a cash generating hobby?
Let us help you.