Here at, we wanted to make the process of converting your unused items into cash simple and fast.  Because you don't have time or maybe you're really not into computers and the whole "www" thing, we're here to assist you.  Although the process is really as simple as 1,2,3, we've broken it down so that you see where we earn our commission.
1. Search your home, garage, office or place of business for items that you would like to turn into quick cash. (Automobile, Antiques, Movies & Music, Art & Paintings, Pottery & Glass, Musical Instruments, Gemstones, Coins & Stamps, Vintage Jewelry, Computers, Electronics, Collectibles, Figurines, Dolls & Toys Relics, Comics or Marbles, Sports cards) You may even find treasures at local garage sales or thrift stores.

2. Drop off your item at our location or call us for a pickup.
- We only accept items with estimated values of $50.00 or more.
- Our pickup fee is $25.00. Fee is waived if estimated value is over $250.

3. Be prepared to give us as much information as possible about the item. This will help us to design the right auction listing and to accurately answer potential buyer questions.

4. processes your item and posts it on eBay
- We professionally photograph your item
- We research item for best selling features
- We design catchy eBay listing
- We setup auction style to receive highest bid
- We respond to all potential buyers questions
- We collect payment from highest bidder
- We package and ship item to buyer
- We send you a check for the highest bid minus applicable fees

5. You relish in your new found cash!

6. You bring us another item to sell.

How Does It Work?
1.  Drop your item off
2.  We do all the work to put it on eBay
3.  We send you a check
Why Sell On eBay?
eBay is the world's largest marketplace for new and used goods.  Because millions of shoppers visit eBay everyday, odds are someone is searching for your item.
What can I sell?
We can sell anything that is not on eBay's prohibited list.
Why does NWBizz need to take possession of the item(s)?
eBay requires us to have all items in our possession before listing, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, so that we may verify each item's description, and ensure that the item is shipped in a timely manner once the item(s) are sold.  We provide you with a receipt for all merchandise left with us.
Are there any upfront fees?
We have two different packages to choose from.  If you require that your item has a starting price or reserve price, there will be a small fee.  This fee will be credited once the item is sold.  Please refer to the pricing page.
What is NWBizz's commission?
Our commission is a flat 25%.
Are there any other fees?
Both eBay and Paypal (online payment service company) have fees.  They typically range from 4-10% of total selling price. Please refer to the pricing page.
What if my item doesn't sell?
If your item doesn't sell the first time, we'll re-list it a second time at no additional cost to you!  If unsold the second time then you will have the option to re-list again.  Reserve price or selling price is required to be lowered by 25%.  If an item remains unsold then it will be returned to you.