Cyber Vision Web Co has been in the internet arena for well over 10 years designing web solutions for businesses throughout Oregon. Establishing online marketing strategies and coupon campaigns, along with developing the creative design and layout of each site, has given us the experience to confidently navigate and shape the world wide web domain.

Having been an eBay member for over 4 years casually buying and selling items of interest, we’ve become very proficient at designing ads that sell!  And in doing business in a professional manner, we’ve earned a 100% positive rating from the eBay community. This assures potential buyers that your products are being represented by a reputable company, increasing the chances of a sale!

With, Cyber Vision is now lending their successful experiences with eBay to the local community. You can benefit from our expertise in professional photography, product research, catchy ad designs, online payment services, customer relations, and shipping and handling. All you need to do to enjoy the fruits of eBay is to bring us your item and wait for the cash! It really is that simple – just let do the work.


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We can help you sell off your excess inventory either through a partnership or a bulk purchase.

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We've got several online sales solution to help you expand your market.

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