We're here to help you take advantage of the largest online auction place in the world, eBay!  More than 200 million people logon to the internet's most popular trading site to find items just like yours.  So instead of letting your unused household item(s) collect dust, let it collect money.  NWBizz.com can help you!
It's Easy!  Here's what you do.
  • You drop off your item
  • You wait for the auction to end (7 days)
  • You wait for funds to be transferred
  • You open mail box and receive NWBizz check
  • You cash check
  • You reap the joys of easy money
  • You repeat again
What We Do For You!
  • We take the photos and prepare them for the web
  • We research similar items sold to maximize the potential selling price
  • We write a professional description to ensure a successful transaction
  • We prepare a catchy eBay listing layout with multiple photos
  • We answer questions from bidders
  • We handle the packaging and shipping for you
  • We process online payments
  • We write you the Check!


Antiques & Collectibles, Limited edition signed art, Antique Books, Cell Phones, Coins & Stamps, Electronics, Musical Instruments, Sports Equipment, Tickets, Toys & Hobbies, DVD Sets, Computers, Designer Apparel, more...


Got Some Excess Inventory?

We can help you sell off your excess inventory either through a partnership or a bulk purchase.

Need To Make Room For Current Products and Models?

We can store some of your inventory in house while selling on eBay or one of our affiliate sites.

Got A Great Product But No Online Solution?

We've got several online sales solutions to help you expand your market.